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The Yorkshire centre was formed over forty years ago by a band of Morgan enthusiasts in the Sheffield Area and has gradually over time developed into its present form, the centre offers a wide range of events throughout the year.


MSCC Yorkshire Centre is open to all members of the MSCC and draws its members predominantly from the county and the immediate surrounding areas. We do, however, have absentee members, one as far away as New Zealand, but we have no pretensions to be anything other than a local organization. Current membership stands at 168, annual membership subscription is £5.00 p.a. payable on Jan 1st (Application Form can be downloaded here).  

Area covered

The centre covers all the Yorkshire area, somewhere in the region of 4700 square miles, and has four Noggins (meeting) strategically situated within the area enabling members to meet and exchange information whilst enjoying the ambiance and amenities of the chosen hostelry.

Yorkshire attractions

Our area has a wide variety of interesting roads on which to drive and many attractions to offer visitors and locals alike, including spectacular scenery of the Yorkshire Dales, North Yorkshire Moors, and Bronte country and many other interesting places to visit which can be located via the Yorkshire web site www.yorkshirenet.co.uk/

The Cars

A wide range of Morgan’s are owned by centre members, ranging from early flatrads through the whole range right up to the present day models in fact at present there are a number of new Morgan’s due to be delivered into the area over the coming months. (What year is the oldest?)

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